Is there a chance of world war 3

is there a chance of world war 3

More than 60 years have passed since we last had a big war between major nations. ponder the unthinkable is upon us: what are the chances of conflict? There is that cute idea that two countries with a McDonald's have. Situations in are quite tensed. With Trump becoming the President of America. There are possibilities of cold war sort of thing between countries (which is. Albert Einstein said ''I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be There is a big chance for that. In the. Think of it like an old angry married couple: Inhe berated Obama's approval ratings and predicted they were so low that Obama was likely to bomb another country because he was desperate. The worst element was the cable media's reaction to the strike; in fact, slot machine zeus 3 was mostly disgusting. He also criticized Obama for bombing Syria many times So again many of these WWIII references are tongue and check jabs at Trumps hypocrisy. It's okay to assume Russia is fuck-backward and buzzing with government villains The Strategic Defense Initiative Organization SDIO was set up in within the United States Department of Defense to oversee the Strategic Defense Initiative. Here's a corporate media huffpost article where I agree with some things they say, but also note very troubling bullshit as well:. Even on its own terms, the war on terror has been an abysmal failure. That definitely puts it into perspective. Unless clear evidence appears, it is better to assume that Russian involvement in USA's elections was just standard foreign politics i. The report analysed recent war games including a Russian exercise involving 80, military personnel and a set of Nato war games comprising 15, personnel. The statistics of how many of the North Korean people are brainwashed and how many are simply terrified of showing anything but complete and utter devotion to their leader. Throughout the Cold War, the concept of a third world war was inextricably associated with nuclear war and the MAD doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction. Domestic and foreign leaders know what each other's armies are capable of, nobody who has those kinds of weapons really wants to use them on someone who can retaliate with the same. Not to mention that their country is plagued with sketchy assassinations, international invasions, and human rights violations. He knows nuclear war will bring mutually assured destruction. Ghostery Click the Ghostery icon. is there a chance of world war 3 Why do deleted comments say [deleted] followed by a hyperlink saying "What is this? Progress wasn't as great as it could have been until the development, or rather the deployment of the vastly superior T power armor in Here's the thing -- all those things I said about the U. NATO the first five years — For starters, China is brimming with human rights abuses, censorship, and an exhausting execution rate. The Washington Times Headlines back then were notoriously salacious.

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A recent US taskforce report unsurprisingly concluded that America and China are on a dangerous collision course. As it turns out before the missiles were launched, Trump's approval rating was 2 points below Obama's all-time lowest approval rating in 8 years as president. Follow reddiquette in both behavior and voting. Any conflict with China is most likely to be small. Maybe in the future if North Korea can get any force behind their threats, but it is not very plausible. As was the case in , war on the peninsula could easily draw in China, Russia, or Japan. United States European Command.

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